Brett has orchestrated a Twitter campaign to persuade us to include his YouTube channel on Web Series Channel & Web Show Central.TV. (“This guy is a genius. One of his fans even started a petition to get him on the Ellen show. He is an undiscovered comedic gem.”)

So here is the Brett O’Gorman YouTube channel; Inspired Lunacy.

What happens when a clown can’t find work, has access to a camera, the internet and a whole lot of time to kill? Unemployed clowning.

On his channel you’ll find about a dozen short video skits, uploaded about a year ago. They’ve had a respectable number of views and loads of favourable comments. Videos include gems like; The Lack of Sound of Music, Invisible Man Reads a Book, and Brettverine.” They’re silly and funny.

But Brett (the personification of silly) says of his channel, “Expect the unexpected because the least you expect something, the more ridiculous it will be.”

Brett says what he learned most from doing these videos is; “that being in my underpants kicking a rubbish bin will get thousands upon thousands of views.”

Brett didn’t need a campaign – he was co-Director of the short film Dotty (available here to watch: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/movie/dotty/id863205247) one of our all-time favourite New Zealand short films.

From the Brett O’Corman YouTube Channel:


Brett O’Gorman YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbCchw7xvXXxMskTj4UyQWQ/feed

Follow Brett on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrettOGorman

And discover here: http://webshowcentral.tv/youtubers/


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