The Team at Admiralty Entertainment (Sku, Scott and Kate) are a small group of friends from Auckland with a common interest in all things geeky and who love making You Tube videos that reflect that.

They launched their channel in 2014 and upload videos each Friday.

Toy and movie reviews are their main focus on their You Tube channel but they say; “we also create our own ‘Supercuts’ & “Mash-Ups’ of movies too. With the odd ‘Unboxing’ video thrown in there for good measure. We like entertaining people, that’s why our videos have a comedy edge to them as well as being informative.”

The challenges of creating videos? “The biggest challenge in making weekly videos is the time it takes to edit them, as we work day jobs and can only film / edit on weekends, but it’s totally worth it!,” say the team.

“Also, getting our content out there to the other geeks around the world is tough, we believe our videos are interesting, informative, funny and clever enough to be enjoyed by a lot of people but making those people aware that we exist is difficult.”

We asked the team who their favourite YouTubers were and they said; Screen Junkies, Cinema Sins, Red Letter Media, AVGN, Blacknerd Comedy, Schmoes Know, TheFlickPick, and MovieMantz.

Check out their trailer video:


The channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdmiraltyEnt
and on our YouTubers page here: http://webshowcentral.tv/youtubers/

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