The Film Lab is a new Australian web series. The series puts the science of movies under a microscope. (#mythbusters had it coming.)

We asked Director Nicholas Hansen about the series.

What can audiences expect from the web series?

We hope they get a laugh out of it. A little break from their day to appreciate the silly side of science. We hope it’s entertaining and gets them thinking about the common tropes / conceits one finds in movies.

What was the inspiration / motivation for making the web series?

Stuart and Nick have been trying to make something at this level of production quality and execution for years. It’s a dream come true to have had a chance to make our own series. Our inspiration was – we love movies and whenever we’d watch them we’d talk about the common things that happen in them. Plus we just wanted to make something funny where the main characters get hurt and we could try our hand at practical and visual effects.

What was a challenge or highlight or learning lesson from making the web series?

We raised money for this from our friends and family on Indiegogo – successfully raising 10k. That was a huge effort in itself, but it’s not really that much money to produce a series at the scope and scale we were aiming for. We made every cent count, but of course we had the usual challenges of indie productions – we got rained out and had to delay six months for example waiting for our actors schedules to align. Then in post, as you can see from our credits – we did almost everything! We even wrote the music!! The catch of course being that it took time. TL;DR: the challenge for us was being such a small team.

What’s next for the web series?

We are now trying to get the word out and grow our fanbase on Facies… we’d love to make more of them but we need to demonstrate there’s an audience keen for the show first.


>>>> Watch Film Lab here:  http://webserieschannel.co.nz/webseries/the-film-lab/

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