In the style of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Robbie Nicol is providing New Zealand with its own unique commentary on the social and political climate.

“My generation knows more about America than they know about New Zealand, because America makes all the films and TV shows we steal from the internet,” Robbie Nicol says. “We wanted to make something about New Zealand that young people would want to steal.”

“We’re not journalists, we’re just telling jokes,” he continues. “But we hope that the people who watch our videos will go and inform themselves with stuff written by clever people.” The show is written and performed by Robbie Nicol, and filmed and uploaded with the help of Elsie and Sally Bollinger.

Videos are released fortnightly on Thursdays over Facebook and YouTube. Each will tackle different subjects prevalent in New Zealand’s social sphere.

Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/WhiteManBehindADesk
Official Twitter: twitter.com/manwithdesk
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo46IpsBPqg8k6Ih0qYzlMA

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