This short video is a poem written and performed by New Zealand filmmaker Harley Neville, of Pigville Productions.

Harley says the inspiration for the poem struck when he was in the shower; “I looked around the room and suddenly became aware that I was surrounded by plastic. I did a quick count and found 47 single use, disposable plastic bottles in the room with me. I only have four flatmates and yet between us at any given time we had 47 pieces of plastic in just one room of the house, and that’s not counting other plastic things such as buckets or shower curtains that get used multiple times but ultimately get thrown away as well. This got me thinking about how much plastic I must have used in my life which in turn lead to me visualising the size of the mountain of plastic I must be responsible for if I piled up every piece I had ever touched. It was at this point that I properly grasped the concept that every piece of plastic I had ever touched still existed somewhere.

“From that day on I started buying bars of soap instead of bottles of body wash, as well as making more effort to use cloth bags at the supermarket and cutting down on my plastic use overall.”

Harley had his poem animated by Joshua Marchant. “I’ve never had any of my work animated before but it was a quick and painless experience. The animator, Joshua, was recommended to me by a friend, I met with him, talked about what I wanted, he put in his ideas and then a month or so later after a bit of back and forth the animation was complete. It’s lead to me thinking about what other videos I could get animated for the Pigville Productions YouTube channel.”

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