Love a drop of Whiskey? Then check out the Whiskey Aficionado YouTube channel, produced and presented by New Zealander Trevor Johnston. Trevor reviews whiskies from around the world on a regular basis for his channel.

Trevor says the motivation for starting a Whiskey review channel came from when he stopped drinking beer to lose some weight. “As I enjoyed the occasional whisky I decided to learn more about it. Consequently I began to research and learn and share my tasting experiences online.” Trevor chose video and YouTube as the medium for his reviews because he prefers watching reviews, rather than reading them.

Trevor started his channel just eight months ago and already has over 1,000 subscribers from around the world. Trevor grew his subscribers by joining Whisky Forums and Groups and sharing his channel. His reviews are regular – he’s done over 40 already – and he believes regular videos are important because audiences begin to “expect them and look out for them.”

Trevor says his reviews are a passion project. “I do enjoy the feedback and interaction with Whisky Lovers from different places around the globe.

“I would think it would be very difficult indeed to make any kind of decent income from YouTube videos in this niche market, so income is not the goal.”

Trevor uses a Nikon D5100 with a AF-S 18-105mm lens, basic camera microphone and a tripod, and edits on Moviemaker. With some constructive feedback from his subscribers he’s improving the quality of his videos. “The sound has improved simply by bringing the camera closer and I speak a little clearer and louder. I’ve also enhanced the lighting with a halogen light shining on the ceiling while I shoot,” says Trevor.

“Regular videos are important because audiences begin to expect them and look out for them.”

Trevor shoots his reviews – amazingly – in one shot. “I do it always in one go. I feel it’s more natural to free flow but not ramble. I try to keep to five to six minutes a review. I try to honest and just give my opinion.”

And for the future? “Thankfully there’s thousands of Whiskies out there to review, I’m not in a rush and do this for the hobby, so I’ll continue posting my video reviews for the foreseeable future,” says Trevor.

Watch the Whiskey Aficionado channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWEd5DQjq0GHfv7D9nD5PYw
or on http://webserieschannel.co.nz/webseries/whiskey-aficionado/

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