After the success of Nothing Much To Do*, The Candle Wasters are returning with another Shakespearean inspired webseries called Lovely Little Losers.

The show combines elements of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost with the characters from Nothing Much To Do. The new series is set in a flat in Wellington; four University students decide to impose a set of ridiculously strict flat rules on themselves. Vegan Fridays, compulsory flat-bonding, 10PM curfew, and the harshest rule of all: no romantic relationships. However this is a rom-com.

The story is told in a YouTube vlogging format, where the characters both show and tell the audience about their lives, speaking directly to the camera. These echo Shakespeare’s use of soliloquies where the actor talks directly to the audience.

The creators of this project call themselves ‘The Candle Wasters’ – a Shakespearean reference to people who stay up late at night “wasting candles”. They are four young women aged between 18 and 21 who met at Western Springs College, Auckland, New Zealand. The Candle Wasters are: Claris Jacobs and Elsie Bollinger who are both at university in Wellington, and Minnie Grace and Sally Bollinger who have both recently completed their time at university.

The Candle Wasters began a Kickstarter for LLL as they finished releasing episodes of NMTD. they asked for $4000, a target they reached within two hours of releasing the Kickstarter. By the end of the 31 days they had gained $22,826. The creators spent the latter half of 2014 writing the series; then filmed in February 2015 with a cast and crew of 23.

The whole production will be released during 2015 officially starting on the 16th of July, on one YouTube channel which regularly updates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The audience subscribes to the YouTube channel and is notified via social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) when the next instalments are posted.


The first episode has over 22,000 views and with more than 4,000 subscribers The Candle Wasters are excited to bring the rest of the story to the world.

To view the playlist of the entire series so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgyveADib3M6R7HvIHGA91QnBQLLvlQ1P

There is some transmedia which provides the audience with the opportunity to interact with the characters outside of the main plot. Such as the comment section on YouTube, and the character Beatrice has a twitter account (https://twitter.com/beatricetheduke).



*Nothing Much To Do (2014), based on Much Ado About Nothing, has over 9,400 subscribers, and over 1,011,000 lifetime views on the NMTD Story Playlist. The series has a strong fan following, with fan art, over 500 pieces of fan fiction, an online community of fans (who named themselves “flamangoes”) fostered around a love of NMTD, and there have been several meetups across the globe (including New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and the USA).


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